Thing 4 Blog Readings

1.  I’ve noticed from my readings of the assignment, that the genre of blog writing is a personal or individual style and everyone’s blog writing can be different and still be considered a blog writing.  For example, the blog by Dan Meyers entitled “Why I don’t assign Homework.” His blog is a personal opinion, that no one can refute. There is no particular format you must follow.  Yet, I noticed that the blog is expressed in standard language usage.  So the one necessity of blogging is that you can be understood by those whom you want to read your blog.

2.   Blog reading is different from other types of reading in that it is more like a conversation, because the person writing sounds ad if he/she is expecting a response.  There are no log dissertation-type writing.  Blog reading is similar to other types of reading in that words are spelled in the standard form, so that those who can read the language can understand what is being expressed.  A complete thought can be read, and nothing is left to the imagination.  The reader knows exactly what idea or thought is expressed about the topic or issue.

3.  Blog writing is different from other types of writing in that one does not have to follow a particular format or style.  One can merely write what one is thinking about an issue of one’s own choice.  For example, the writer of the blog  “Pair-a-dimes” by David Truss is the perfect example of such writing.  Blog writing is similar in that a complete idea or thought is expressed.  The parent who shared the comments of her 10 year old daughter about homework assignments is the perfect example of  one’s thoughts being expressed in a grammatically correct way.  The “average” reader of the language and certainly understand what the writer is trying to convey.

4.  Commenting contributes to the writing and meaning-making in that one has to take the time to comprehend what has been read.  To comment intelligently about the blog, one cannot quickly look at a string of words, but, must use the mind to  process information.  Thus meaning has to occur of the writing before one can comment. After one has made meaning of the blog about which writing is required, one can then write about what has been read.

5.  Blogging can facilitate learning because one has to think about the issue read and process it enough to write about it.  When one takes the time to form an opinion or express an idea abut what one has read, learning has occurred.

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